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The Dos and Don'ts of VAT Recovery: Expert Advice from

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When it comes to Value Added Tax (VAT) recovery, navigating the labyrinth of regulations, processes, and paperwork can be overwhelming. Whether you're a seasoned finance professional or a newcomer to the world of VAT, understanding the best practices – the dos – and the pitfalls to avoid – the don'ts – can save your business significant time and money. MyVAT, a leader in VAT recovery services, shares essential tips to guide you through the VAT recovery process efficiently and effectively.

The Dos of VAT Recovery

1. Do Keep Meticulous Records The cornerstone of a successful VAT recovery is detailed record-keeping. Ensure all invoices and receipts are accurate, complete, and safely stored. These documents should clearly show VAT paid, which is a necessity for any claim. At MyVAT, we assist clients in setting up robust systems to manage and maintain their documentation, paving the way for a smooth recovery process.

2. Do Understand the Rules in Each Jurisdiction VAT laws differ significantly from one country to another. It's crucial to understand the specific VAT regulations in every jurisdiction where you conduct business. MyVAT’s global expertise provides you with the necessary insights and updates on the ever-evolving VAT legislation, ensuring compliance and maximized recovery.

3. Do File Claims Promptly Timing is critical. Many jurisdictions have strict deadlines for VAT recovery claims, and missing these can mean missing out on refunds. With MyVAT, you gain a vigilant partner that ensures all your claims are submitted within the appropriate time frames.

4. Do Use Specialized VAT Recovery Services VAT recovery is intricate and can distract you from your core business functions. offers specialized services that streamline the recovery process, using advanced technology and expertise to reclaim your funds with minimal disruption to your operations.

The Don'ts of VAT Recovery

1. Don't Overlook Smaller Expenses Small expenses can add up to significant amounts. Don’t dismiss the VAT recovery potential of minor costs such as taxi rides, business meals, or conference fees. MyVAT helps you identify all recoverable VAT, ensuring that no eligible amount goes unclaimed.

2. Don't Assume All Goods and Services Are Eligible Not all expenses qualify for VAT recovery. Before you attempt to reclaim VAT, verify the eligibility of the expenses in question. MyVAT’s consultants can help distinguish between recoverable and non-recoverable VAT, aligning your claims with current regulations.

3. Don't Forget About International Claims If your business operates across borders, there’s potential for international VAT recovery. However, these claims can be even more complex. Don’t let this opportunity pass by; leverage MyVAT’s expertise to navigate international VAT recovery successfully.

4. Don't Go It Alone The process of VAT recovery can be resource-intensive and fraught with the potential for error. Don’t risk your business's funds by managing VAT recovery in-house if you’re not fully prepared. Partner with MyVAT for peace of mind and ensure that you are maximizing your claims with expert support.

Embrace the Expertise of MyVAT

VAT recovery doesn't have to be a source of stress. By following these dos and don'ts and partnering with MyVAT, you place your business in a position to recover what’s yours efficiently and effectively. At MyVAT, we are dedicated to providing you with a seamless VAT recovery experience, from initial assessment to funds retrieval.MyVAT is your strategic ally in transforming VAT recovery from a complex challenge into a value-add for your business. We ensure that you do more than just recover VAT – you gain a competitive advantage. Visit today to discover how our expert services can optimize your VAT recovery process and benefit your bottom line.

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