If you need to save money for your business or you’re unsure of whether your VAT is genuinely in order – you’ve come to the right place...

While our key service is VAT recalculations and reconciliations, we also provide a selection of accounting support services that will help you streamline your VAT and accounting.
VAT Recalculations And Reconciliations
Using the in-house, purpose-built software of our partner, Ascertain Solutions, we analyse and recalculate your VAT liability for every line-item over a period of 5 years. Thereafter, this recalculation is reconciled against your existing VAT payments to SARS, with the goal of identifying the savings from the Receiver of Revenue for which you are legally eligible. Through this process, we are also able to identify, as an added advantage, any wastage, system errors and instances of human error.
Our Process
Retrieve data and scrutinise every transaction
Process data to identify VAT and payment trends and errors
Retrieve and reconcile supporting documentation (on-site, using our own auditors)
Compilation of VAT Recovery Findings Report including supporting documentation
Discussion with you and advice based on VAT Reconciliation Findings Report
No financial risk to you…
If we identify no savings, we don’t charge you any fees. When we do find savings, our fee is just 50% of those savings identified.
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SARS Compromise Negotiations
Dealing with SARS can be a stressful, confusing experience. Because of this, we can negotiate with SARS on your behalf, in cases where you owe them a large sum of money and outstanding payments. This service alleviates stress for you and ensures that a payment agreement can be arranged that works for your budget, or that, where possible, monies owed can be written off.
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VAT Savings Training
Tax and VAT Laws in South Africa are updated on a regular basis. In light of this, accounting teams who do not specifically focus on VAT returns and law can miss savings opportunities or compliance matters. Furthermore, we can provide your team with VAT Savings Training once we have performed a VAT Recalculation and Reconciliation for you, to ensure that you are able to continue saving money beyond our engagement with you.
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Accounting Services
If you require accounting services to supplement or support your existing accounting team, or if you are looking for a fully outsourced accounting service, we are here to help you. Our accounting services include bookkeeping and accounting to trial balance, in addition to monthly financial management reports.
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