A review of up to 5 years of your VAT submissions will result in a guaranteed VAT refund to you
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  • Identify Wastage

    By recalculating your VAT, we help you to establish problem areas and maximise savings
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  • Ensure Compliance

    Tax laws change on a regular basis, which means that rebates and compliance issues are often missed
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Get a VAT refund from SARS that your business may be eligible for with our VAT recovery and VAT specialist services...

While there is no doubt that your accounting team does a great job, accounting departments are often under immense pressure and human error is an unavoidable fact; in addition to which, tax laws change regularly. This is why a VAT specialist, focused specifically on VAT recovery, can and will help your business legitimately get money back with a recalculation of your tax submissions to SARS.

100% VAT Recovery Success Rate. Zero Risk

In partnership with Ascertain Solutions, we use proprietary VAT recovery software, which has been especially developed to guarantee that you will be eligible for a VAT return from SARS. If for any reason we can’t recover VAT for your business, then there is absolutely no fee to you.
Our service comes at zero risk to you

Why do a VAT Review?

Identify VAT claims missed over a 5-year period
Maximise your VAT refund yield
No recovery - no charge. Pay only 50% of the total savings that we identify
Guaranteed VAT compliance down to every line-item

What a VAT Review is NOT:

A time-consuming and invasive process. We don’t require any resources from you
Intended to highlight any lack of ability of accounting staff. We specialise solely in VAT
A risk to your information security. We don’t use confidential company information
A cost to your company. We charge only a percentage of the VAT that we save you

Our other VAT Specialist Services

Accounting Processing

Professional accounting resources for your full accounting function
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VAT Savings Training

Providing your team with training on VAT updates and savings opportunities
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SARS Compromise Negotiations

We work with SARS on your behalf should you owe a large sum to the receiver
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Why do you need VAT Recovery industry leaders?



In partnership with Ascertain Solutions, we offer a seamless service that is not disruptive to your business and ensures guaranteed savings.
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Cutting-edge Technology

You can look forward to service that is personalised and backed by the most sophisticated technology available.
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Experienced Experts

In partnership with Ascertain Solutions, we are your knowledgeable business partner that specialises in VAT.
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